A place for current events, pertaining to the MAOX.

The Krill Edit

The Krill are a species of reptilian creatures that come from an area beyond MAOX controlled space. until recently they were considered harmless and primative. Every thing changed when one of thier "ships" dropped in to a system controlled by the corpcers and attacked, captured and destroyed all ships in the system. reusing weapons and other technology aboard the captured assault crusers, they created vastly supirior craft and weapons. with new means and vehicles at there disposal they have drifted through countless star systems capturing ships and conquring planets adding to their empire.

There are three types of Krill broken down into multiple sub groups. the lowliest type of Krill is the worker cast they are weak minded creatures easily controlled by the fighters and leader types. the second group is the Warrior class wich branches into two types the ground units and the space units.the space units break into to groups: the piolets and the marines. the ground forces break in to three groups : tanks airborn troopers and ground troops. the final cast is the leader class involving one queen for every ten thousand soilders a grand total of several thousand queens.

The Outliers Edit

The Alien Race from The same area where Mysterions are believed to come from. The Outliers have three main ground units. The Grunts: Brainless, and loyal, the grunts are the main infantry for the Outliers. The Spikms: Spikms, angry, well armoured tank destroyers, made to eliminate threats like mecha, or vehicles. Ecko: The Elite of the Outliers, the Ecko usually wield a Wripper, and a Gun Glove. The Ecko can pilot enemy mecha, unlike other Outlier units.

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