MAOX High Council

The Mercenary Army Of eXtermination has many different factions with different purposes, and differed interests.

Archeogenis Edit

Archeogenis is a mercenary branch of MAOX focused on researching Ancient bio-tech. Years ago, MAOX scouts reported from a large asteroid, where they found an ancient, abandoned base. 3 non-functional transport ships were in its hangar, each containing a pod with a gigantic BioMech inside. Archeogenis' forces are mostly a consequence of reverse engineering on those immense BioMechs

ArcheoGenis is mainly a R&D branch, providing breking technologies to other MAOX branches. Only recently the new production sites on board the Galamoth class mobile bases have made mass production available.

Mercenary Force Five Edit

The Mercenary Force Five started out as a simple single-use mecha manufacturer, and then became a small mining operation, and after the discovery of Vulca-crystals(extremely explosive crystals) they Became a mass production Company, and started the Production of the PERSIAN super soldier ArmourPlus a customMFV Model. Currently they are engaged in battling the Outliers.

The MFV also has started making specialized mecha that are made for an individuals needs, so they are more like a specialty manufacturer. Examples of this are the rare Aegis, and Polyphemus models.

They also make space ships such as the fleeting shadow and the Wyrmtron.

The Corpsers(The United Colonies of Ifrith) Edit

The Corpsers were founded 10 years before joining MAOX as a mercenary group lending there services to witch ever side paid enough. they are stationed on there home world of Ifrith and own several manufacturing companies.Many dead planets have been terraformed to act as wild life havens for the natural creatures of Ifrith to thrive and live on in these replica planets without interference. Many other worlds have been transformed in to military strong holds were weapons and military tech is developed. Ifrith is home to the United Colonies of Ifrith High Council were the generals and fleet masters meet to discus the next conquest and whether to allie with or destroy other factions.
UPDATE: all fleets take heed a new enemy has revealed its self: the Krill.we must be ready to use all of our military might to defend our home.This menace must be stopped.

Currently at war with the Krill

Army of Infinity Edit

AOI's self-description: We were born on our home-world of Shallatinan.(Shall-ah-tea-nahn) It was the year 3999 the day before the plague of faces. The Plague turned all the children into genius's,but with a cost all of the child's faces were like a blank slate, oh they could talk,Breathe, listen,and see but they had nothing to do it with yet they still could. Infinity Life became a general and strategist in the country of Leefitious(Lee-Fi-Ti-Ous) He won Many battles but felt like evil our country was killing innocent people and slaves for no reason, it was then i remember he decided to start his own nation on a small planet He named Infintious.(In-Fin-tie-ous meaning the day of the last days) there was no sentient races there and he and some fellow faceless started a rebellion against Leefitious we called our selves the army of infinity.

HULU Mecha and Starships Edit

A faction about which very little is known. A branch of the Grand army of MAOX we supply heavy weaponry mechas, walkers, and starships. They are one of the main supply co.s

The Hardsuit Program Edit

Not Even a faction yet, the THP is still getting on their hindlegs as Mercenaries.

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