Space Battle not so WIP by theregisteredone

Original Artwork by TheRegisteredOne [1]

This war scarred universe is dated since the exploration of deep space by mankind.

Starting in 2020, mankind almost exterminated itself, major world powers announced DEFCON 5 (all nukes are a go) after various incidents, it is now a fact that terrorist cells planned a nuclear strike in central USA, their attack was an unfortunately success, and (unknown of its launch site) the USA accused several communist countries for the attack. A new Cold War started, but this time war couldn´t be avoided, and nuclear warheads soon started raining from the sky, illuminating it with a terrible glow. In total, 2547 nukes were launched and 2189 were successfully detonated. The Numberof human victims from explosion, or just radiation sickness is undetermined, but it is suspected that more than 9.3 billion people were eradicated. (by this time the initials of what would become the MAOX fled into space stations).

Most of the Earths surface was inhabitable, and the usage of explosive, toxic, chemical and radioactive weaponry didnt helped... humanitys remnants survived about 35 years in bunkers and tunnels across the world. Only 0.7 billion of the 10 billion humans living in 2020 were alive and even in these desperate times, scavengers and barbarians loot and fight in the remains of civilization. The Gang Wars were over with the creation of a few New World Orders trying to maintain peace and reunite mankind all over the globe (2085).

Re-Civilizing the World took mankind about 150 years, being founded in 2235  ,by all the worlds Orders, the UNE (United Nations of Earth).

Thanks to the UNE, humanity evolved to levels beyond the imaginations of many people. Health, Pollution, Politics and Industries problems were solved, and the new world leaders eyes were pointed at something that has been long forgotten by nuclear winter clouds, Space.

A new flawless Age of peace and prosperity came with the creation of new spaceships which gave the possibility of colonizing new planets! By the year of 2877, mankind had more than an impressive number of 10.000 colonies and discovered new more and less intelligent species, yet, deep space exploring lead Man to its most grim future by encountering the Coalition Of Planets (COP) (2879), this Coalition consisted in a commonwealth of multiple alien species that believe in "The Great Crusade", it is basically a oppressive way of conquering other weaker civilizations.

Without any diplomatic actions, besides warnings for humanity to surrender its colonies, the COP attacked the UNE (2880) and one by one, planets began to fall, humantys dream of reaching the stars was getting destroyed... but Man is a surviving race and war was also something they understood very well. Weapon technology was developing new, more destructive ways of killing at an tremendous rate! Soon, the UNE possessed an impressive army to fight the COP.

Fortunately for the UNE, the COP leaders start a brutal civil war that finished up in a great victory for the UNE...although the COP space seemed to be a source of hatred...the UNE, aquiring a grand new mass of spatial territory, made numerous republics (like the current USA) creating the UCE (United Colonies of Earth), in time, freedom started to be a problem, dictators and other leaders that simply wanted dependency started to revolt against the  UCE! Shattered, this brand new empire started to fall has fast has it has grown...most UCEs fleets retreated to defend older colonies, the ones closest to Earth...

Suddenly, in this time of war, many factions were created trying to find a way to escape the war or fighting it for their own gain. Joining the arena  was the high-tech and ALL powerful EOS (Empire Of Skaborr) with a grand empire that stood with grace showing a more advanced society and military organization then the others! The conflict extended for many light years through out the galaxy, factions like the CFS, the EOCP, EOT and ROL, the one the stood also aside from the others was the MAOX, a military organization the had a very fast growth due its highly profitable mercenary contract system. They all joined the fight, escalating the conflict to a higher scale!

A strange factor in this war was the appearance of two more vicious factions from unknown and unexplored parts of the galaxy (2912;2977)...the Mysterions (extremely mysterious space wondering creatures) and the Dark Augusto (DAs) AI killing machines, wrecking even more havoc in the galaxy!

Only time will tell...

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