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The mercenary army, now known has "MAOX" is actually on of the most ancient military organizations in the history of mankind! Extremely rare medieval books stored in MAOX libraries tell us the organization of such an army created in the time of the Great Holy Crusades. The specific crusades to restore Christian control of the Holy Land were fought over a period of nearly 200 years, between 1095 and 1291, by that time, a conspiracy to restore World Order started lurking through out the crusader kings, a new order that would enforce peace everywhere and build a new religion, called "Zordorianism", named after the "Enlightenment of Blitzarios", a crusader champion who said that Zordor (Great maoxian God) talked to him and said some very familiar words: seek glory and victory and purge the land of the great corrupters, then, you, my children, will be completed, it will be dificult, but in your darkest hours, i will come for you..." , with these encouraging words, Blitzarios created the MAOX (by the time named Mortal Army of Extermination) together with his most trusted crusaders, yet, his "army" never had more then 50 members, most saying that it was pure madness to deify the Church and God, therefore, the Holy Church torched these heretics and hunted them down until every last one, only a forgotten book, in some forgotten library survived to tell the story, being picked up later in 2008 by a historian. Publishing an article on a magazine about his discovery gave him a one way ticket to hell, and the Church assassinated him in a not so well kept secret, that was later discovered in one actually believed in this assassination, and society moved on...well, kind of...the Nuclear Fallout came.

MAOX was completely forgotten during the , only to be again spoken by Malcom Krohnos, one of the crewman that went on a exploration mission with the USS Interstellar that said he "saw" Zordor, and the same words were said to him like in the medieval times. Malcom was deeply touched by these words and amazingly he knew every word written in "the book", to make the situation even stranger, some coordinates were downloaded into the Interstellars computer and it went off wondering into space in search of...something, once it reached those coords, the crew made contact with their first alien encounter (2031). The creatures gave them shelter in their home planet and gave the few survivors time so settle down and procreate. The then called Zordorians, were eternally grateful to them, but their exploring continued (2110), and with more advanced ships, 3  planets with very abnormal readings were found (2199), this was a great discovery, all 3 planets were at an excellent position in that solar system, they were all habitable and they rotated together like only one planet, a miracle of gravity nature.

MAOX started creating the basic settlements and soon, a balanced society was made, growing bigger and bigger with pass of years...

The planets were all 3 equally colonized, yet, the MAOX High Council was stationed in Zordor.

When the basic infrastructures were built, more and more people started to have these "enlightenments" and gaining abnormal powers. These people turned out to be the "cleric" of the Zordorian believers being called the Templars. These are probably the elite of the elites in the MAOX forces (yes, even better then Death Korps).

With the finding of many civilizations in need, the MAOX started to understand their ancestors and so an army was created and it grew enormously...

This great army created gave a sudden origin of piles of contracts to help other factions fighting their wars, and the acceptance of that offer made the MAOXian people discover the warrior spirit they had inside them. Contracts grew more in complexity, but so deed the army in size and technology, soon, contracts were one of the main sources of income!  Their success escalated their recognition in most parts of the galaxy, being hired from simple hit-and-run assassination missions to whole massive scale planetary invasions.

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