Maox mech industries

Welcome to the MAOX Wikia

The MAOX History so far in The Great Galactic War Universe. (history so far cannot be changed)


  • MAOX Wikia Officialy OPEN! 18 September 2009 16:11
  • History Topic UPDATED! 18 September 18:03
  • History Topic UPDATED! 19 September 19:25
  • MAOX History Topic UPDATED! Still under construction...19 September 19:00
  • MAOX History Topic UPDATED! Still under construction...21 September 20:41
  • Sirrushian Dragons Topic started. Still under construction.


This Wikia was made to let people know everything about the MAOX! Mercenary Factions, Galactical Territory, History, Current Events 3000 (31st Century) and even Units Technical Data!
Hst galaxy
The Wikia is under construction, but stay tuned, new stuff is coming up very day!

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